Thursday, April 11, 2013


• Are guardian angels real?
• Do people become angels when they die?
• Do children have extra angelic protection?

We explore these, and other angel questions, such as:
                           • Are those You Tube angel videos faked?
                           • Are alien/UFO sightings really fallen angels in disguise?
                           • What do angels actually do?

A panel of experts and guests analyze these and other topics:
  • Angels in the Media (“Touched By An Angel,” You Tube videos, etc.)
  • Angels in the Bible
  • Angels in the Arts (Architecture, Music, Literature, History)
Reverend Deiter Haupt, M. Div, from St. John Lutheran Church, will be part of our panel of experts, to provide a solid biblical background on the subject. Reverent Haupt has a Master's of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO. He will be joined by other experts in theology, as part of a panel. 
Anna Kasper, who worked on “Touched By An Angel,” will provide a perspective on how the most influential angel show in history, impacted the lives of millions, as well as how people like the show's star, Roma Downey, can be real life “earthly angels” who show the love of the Father through their lives.
Taking an inquisitive look at images and stories: 
Finding Angels will also analyze the many Youtube videos of angels: are they real, or are they faked, as well as provide some man-on-the-street type interviews to get people's opinions on the topic of angels, as well as real-life angel encounters.

The bottom line is this—our Father, in His great love for His children, has sent this creatures throughout the ages to aid and assist. Above all else—that is the overarching goal of “Finding Angels,” to point people to the Father who sends this help our way.

Contact us if you have an angel experience you'd like to share.
Angel with halo, stopping a shopping cart from hitting a girl, saving a rickshaw driver in China.

Angels forming the number 7, God's number of perfection then, reassembling to make a 7 for those in the opposite direction.